Rhodes Grass Hay

As being one of the leading Exporter from Pakistan, Our Company start farming entity working on a large farming land in Pakistan under the supervision of highly qualified agriculture specialist and equipped with the state of the art imported machineries. Currently we are producing 800-1000 tons of high quality Rhodes grass hay per month and plan on expanding our operation to nearly double our current capacity in 2015.

Common Name:

Abyssinian Rhodes grass, Rhodes grass, Callide Rhodes grass, common Rhodes grass [English]; chloris, herbe de Rhodes [French]; capim de Rhodes [Portuguese]; grama de Rodas, pasto de Rodas, pasto Rhodes, zacate gordura [Spanish]; koro-korosan [Philippines/Tagalog], banuko [Philippines/Ilokano]; 非洲虎尾草 [Chinese]; アフリカヒゲシバ [Japanese]


Rhodes grass (Chloris gayana ) is an important tropical grass widespread in tropical and subtropical countries. It is a useful forage for pasture and hay, drought-resistant and very productive, of high quality when young


Rhodes grass hay is an excellent source of good quality protein and fiber. Rhodes grass hay is higher in protein and minerals in grass hays. Rhodes grass is used as for horses, dairy cows, beef cattle, sheep and other farm animals.


  • Type                           Rhodes Grass Hay
  • Use                             Cattle feed (Animal Consumption)
  • Moisture                   12 % or Less
  • Crude Protein          10-12 %
  • Aflatoxin                   25 ppb Max.
  • Color                         Natural Green
  • Origin                        Pakistan
  • Packaging                35~40KG Bale /. 300-350 Kg Bales
  • Load Quantity         14~15 M Ton in each 1×40 fcl.